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A simple process to hire virtual talent.
We schedule an appointment, understand your needs, confirm the job description and promptly provide the talent.
Why we are successful
We have a large database of experienced, professional, bilingual candidates willing to work in both short and long-term projects or positions. Excellent team players, low resignation rates, outstanding customer service, and a commitment to learn and develop as your company grows.
Any client size any budget.
We provide talent solutions for your most time-intensive tasks, allowing you to focus on the higher value areas of your business. From administrative to accounting, creative design to engineering assistance, we can deliver what you need.

Administrative and General Support:

Virtual Assistants (VAs): Handle a wide range of tasks, including email management, calendar scheduling, travel arrangements, data entry, research, project coordination, and more.

Executive Assistants (EAs): Provide high-level administrative support to executives, including managing correspondence, scheduling meetings, organizing travel, preparing presentations, and handling confidential information.

Customer Support Representatives: Handle inquiries, resolve issues, and provide customer service via phone, email, chat, or social media.

Data Entry Specialists: Accurately input data into various systems and databases.

Transcribers: Convert audio or video recordings into text format.

Marketing and Communications:

• Social Media Managers: Create and manage social media content, engage with followers, and track analytics.

• Content Writers: Produce blog posts, articles, website copy, email newsletters, and other marketing materials.

• Graphic Designers: Create visual assets for websites, social media, marketing campaigns, and presentations.

• Web Developers: Build and maintain websites, ensuring functionality and user experience.

• Digital Marketing Specialists: Manage online advertising campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing efforts.

Sales and Business Development:

• Sales Representatives: Generate leads, qualify prospects, conduct product demonstrations, and close deals.

• Business Development Representatives (BDRs): Research potential customers, make initial contact, and set up meetings for sales teams.

• Customer Success Representatives: Proactively work with customers to ensure their success with the product or service, maintain relationships, and encourage renewals or upsells.

Finance and Accounting:

• Bookkeepers: Manage daily financial transactions, record payments and expenses, and reconcile accounts.

Accountants: Prepare financial statements, reports, and tax returns. 

• Payroll Specialists: Process payroll, manage employee benefits, and ensure compliance with tax regulations.

Human Resources:

• Recruiters: Source and screen candidates, schedule interviews, and manage the hiring process.

• Benefits Coordinators: Handle employee benefits administration, enrollment, and claims processing.

• Training and Development Specialists: Develop and deliver training programs for employees.

IT and Technology:

Help Desk Technicians: Provide technical support to employees and customers, troubleshoot issues, and resolve problems.

Software Developers: Design, code, test, and deploy software applications.

• IT Project Managers: Oversee IT projects, manage timelines, budgets, and resources.

• Cybersecurity Specialists: Protect networks and systems from cyberattacks and vulnerabilities.

Creative and Design:

• Graphic Designers: Create visual concepts for logos, branding, websites, marketing materials, and more.

• Web Designers: Design and develop user-friendly websites and web applications.

• Video Editors: Edit and produce video content for marketing, training, or education purposes.


• Paralegals: Conduct legal research, draft documents, and assist with case preparation.

• Legal Transcriptionists: Transcribe legal proceedings, such as depositions and hearings.

Your Talent, on your Terms.

Virtual support that scales with your ambition